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12 825 websitesJetSearch WordPress plugin by CrocoBlock
JetSearch. The fastest AJAX search for WordPress websites.

Use the plugin functionality to add a live search bar to a WordPress website.

JetSearch plugin is a must-have ultra-fast tool, perfect for adding search functionality to any page built with Elementor..

It allows to use the search functionality:.
○ within the specific post type, including the custom post types, narrowing down the search results;.
○ for the needed category only, which the visitor can select himself to make the search request more specific;
○ using the pagination and navigation for the results preview to let the visitors view the results with more ease;
○ by relevance, making the most important results show up first, and the less important below them.
JetSearch plugin adds one more widget, called Ajax Search, to the list of widgets available for Elementor page builder.
Drag and drop this widget to the needed section to start using Ajax Search on your site.
The key feature of this plugin is its speed, that allows previewing the search results without page reload, so the visitor is always able to correct the search request he's using in order to find the necessary results.
With JetSearch the search functionality becomes easy to implement, manage and customize.

Author: CrocoBlock

Plugin Folder: jet-search

Tags: Ajax Search, search