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7 479 websitesMagic Embeds free WordPress plugin by Miguel Sirvent

Formerly WP Embed Facebook. Automatically embed any content from Facebook directly into your site just by copying the URL into the editor, using shortcodes or the new embed block.

Replace the WordPress comments system with Facebook comments on selected post types or manually using a shortcode.

Use simple shortcodes to invoke like, send, share, save buttons or any other Facebook Social Plugin.

Supported Embeds

  • Videos & Live Video
  • Albums
  • Photos
  • Fan pages
  • Groups
  • Page Events List
  • Posts
  • Profiles
  • Single Comment
  • Events (Premium)

There are two types of embeds: Custom Embeds that are entirely native to this plugin and Social Plugins which are pieces of code created by Facebook developers.

All custom embeds examples

All social plugins examples

As an alternative to automatically embed your content, you can use the [embedfb url] shortcode instead and pass on some parameters to change each embed examples.

You can also use the built-in WordPress [embed] shortcode .

Facebook Social Plugins

Shortcode variations

[fb_plugin like]
[fb_plugin send]
[fb_plugin share]
[fb_plugin save]
[fb_plugin comments]
[fb_plugin quote]
[fb_plugin page href=]
[fb_plugin post href=]
[fb_plugin video href=]
[fb_plugin group href=]
[fb_plugin comment href=]

Change the default attributes for each plugin on settings or individually using shortcode attributes, see the list of all available attributes using the “help” attribute like this: [fb_plugin like help=1]

For example: To embed a complete Facebook fan page with the latest post, events, and chat; use the shortcode like this:

[fb_plugin page href= tabs=timeline,events,messages ] 

To only show events use tabs=events. For posts use “timeline” and for chat use “messages”.

Embed a share button for your main fan page

[fb_plugin share href= layout=button_count ]

Remove the “href” attribute to share the current page even if its invoked from a widget.

Find all possible attributes on the plugin settings “Social Plugins” section. See live examples here.

Custom Embeds

Set up the use of custom embeds when possible automatically on settings, or change the type of embed individually using the main shortcode.

For example: To embed an album, individual photo, post or fan page from Facebook use the shortcode like this:

[embedfb href= social_plugin=false ] 

Set the number of photos on embedded albums using the “photos” attribute

[embedfb href= photos=200 ]

Select between different styles of embeds using the theme attribute

[embedfb href= social_plugin=false theme=classic ] 

Available themes are “default”, “classic” and “elegant”. Look on the FAQ on how to fully personalize your embeds.

Facebook Comments

Automatically replace the WordPress comments system with Facebook comments on selected post types or manually using the shortcode [fb_plugin comments].

To enable moderation, scrape URLs and custom embeds you have to set up a Facebook App ID and Secret on the settings page.

The Quote Social Plugin

Allow your visitors to share text from your site just by selecting it. Activate it automatically on selected post types or using the shortcode [fb_plugin quote] To see it in action visit this plugin website and select any text Demo.


  • Nothing to embed posts, pages, videos, and comments.
  • For custom embeds and comments moderation a Facebook App Id and Secret are required more details inside settings.

Extended Embeds Add-On

  • Scrape your shared URL’s on Facebook on update or manually on selected post types
  • Simple Widget for generating custom embeds and social plugin shortcodes
  • Embed single events you have been invited to
  • Embed all upcomming events of your fan page
  • Embed the full content of a single event using the shortcode [fbfullevent url]
  • Custom embed for fan pages with posts, events and albums tabs using the shortcode [bfullpage url]
  • One accessible yearly payment for a license that you can use on all the sites you want

Author: Miguel Sirvent

Plugin Folder: wp-embed-facebook

Tags: embed facebook, facebook, Facebook posts, facebook video, social plugins

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