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As a user of WP GDPR you have two simple tasks:

  • Selection of the services used
  • Filling of a few input fields

WP GDPR does everything else:

  • Creation of the cookie popup
  • Creation of the cookie notice
  • Control of services
  • Control of embeddings
  • Generation of the data protection information
  • Creation of the imprint

Also available from around mid-April 2020:

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Seal of approval


Our top priority is compliance with the laws and the regulations of courts and of data protection authorities. We do not offer options that are not legally or legally highly controversial.

Why so strict? Because our users have neither the desire nor the budget to lead complex procedures through all appeals, just to find out whether any cool feature is legally permissible or not.

But don’t worry: there are never any end features, just scroll down, down, down …

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