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808 websitesRequest Call Back free WordPress plugin by Scott Salisbury

As the developer of several WordPress microsites, a commonly requested feature is to add a request call back button to the website header that links to a call back request form.

I originally made this plugin for myself to simplify the process of adding this basic feature, but recently decided to make it public just in case others find it useful.

There are other plugins available that do a similar task to this, but I wanted this to do more than just add a form to a page.

By default, this plugin displays a call back button that can be added anywhere on the site via a single line of code (e.g. header.php), which when clicked will open the request form in a lightbox. The button label, colour, position is configurable from the plugin settings page.

The plugin also provides the option to add the request form to an existing WordPress page instead of opening a lightbox, if preferred. This feature is useful if you don’t want to use the built-in request button and want to use your own link instead.

Configurable options

  • Button label
  • Choice of preset colours, or remove styling to add your own
  • Custom CSS and classes
  • Button position
  • Enable or disable lightbox/embedded mode
  • Email address to send details
  • Optional email address, time to call and message form fields
  • Thank you page
  • Options to customise form field labels and placeholders
  • Options to customise the form width for both lightbox and embedded forms

Author: Scott Salisbury

Plugin Folder: request-call-back

Tags: call back button, callback button, callback form, request call-back, request callback

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