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The WP Social Plugin is an easy-to-use plugin that allows users to add a custom Facebook Feed widgets to the sidebar, as a widget, or to embed the custom Facebook Feed widget into a Page or Post using the shortcode, of any Public Facebook Page. The WP Social Plugin also allows you to insert a Facebook Like Button widget into the Page, Post, or theme. The WP Social Plugin allows you to add Facebook Events, Photos, and Galleries to your website, too!

WP Social Pro works with Facebook’s Graph API to pull in your posts, comments, photos, videos. Your Facebook posts are each stored as a Custom Post Type, along with their comments, and photos you post on Facebook will be added to your Media Library. WP Social Pro will then periodically poll Facebook’s Graph API, pulling in any new posts, likes, comments, or other meta data.

Supports Any Public Facebook Page

WP Social Pro can connect to any public Facebook page, and show its recent posts on your website. You can connect to your own pages, or you can connect to popular pages who’s content you’d like to share with your visitors (for example, adding the feed of a local news station). You can connect to as many feeds as you like.

Fully Customize Your Facebook Feed

Gone are the days of fighting with the Facebook Social Plugin!

Unlinke the standard Facebook widgets, WP Social Pro gives you full control over the fonts, colors, and style of your Facebook feed. Choose the same font and colors as the rest of your website to help your Facebook feed blend in, or choose from hundreds of Google web fonts to make it stand out!

We also have an setting for you to include your own custom CSS as well, for or you can simply include a stylesheet in your theme directory, and WP Social will automatically include it — either method is great for displaying a custom Facebook Feed widgets. The WP Social Plugin also includes a number of pre-made Feed Themes (more available with Pro), to help get you started with your custom Facebook Feed widgets.

Supports Photos and Videos

The most engaging Facebook posts include a photo or a video, so WP Social Pro includes full support for Photo and Video posts. That means When you post a video to Facebook, it will appear as a playable video right on your website, and photos will click through to their full size versions.

Supports Facebook Events

WP Social Pro includes full supports for events, so when you create a new Event on Facebook, it will automatically appear on your website. Use this to create an Upcoming Events sidebar or make a page showing your future events.

Supports Unlimited Facebook Feeds

WP Social can sync as many public Facebook feeds as you would like. Simply enter the profiles you’d like to sync in the Settings page, and WP Social will take care of the rest.


“I searched forever for a simple plugin to display a public Facebook page pictures on my site. This plugin worked perfectly, and even better is the great support. Thanks so much Richard.”

“Looks great, easy to use. Better than any of the other Facebook Feed plugins I’ve tried.”

The WP Social Plugin is a great plugin for many uses, including:

  • Powering your blog with your Facebook Feed!
  • Embed a Custom Facebook Feed widgets in your Sidebar or Footer
  • Styling a Custom Facebook Feed, without the need for CSS!
  • Custom HTML Options allow your Feeds to be displayed any way you like!
  • Works with Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages!
  • Adding a Facebook Like Button to your website!
  • Showing Facebook Comments in your Feed!
  • Adding a Facebook Photo Gallery!
  • Show multiple different custom Facebook Feeds!
  • Display Upcoming Facebook Events on your website!
  • Use a Facebook Event instead of a Page – output a customized Feed from the Facebook Event’s Wall!
  • Custom Facebook Feed widgets allows user to override Site Wide Options
  • Ability to Pass Page ID Via Shortcode and Widget Allows Multiple Feeds on One Page!

Upgrade To Pro For Advanced Features and Email Support:

  • New professionally designed themes for your Facebook Feed
  • Show the number of Likes/Comments with each post
  • Option to show or hide 3rd party posts from your website
  • Filter Facebook Events by date range
  • Use Custom HTML to render your Facebook posts, comments, and more
  • Support for Facebook Comments – download your Facebook comments as WordPress comments and show them in your feed
  • Support for Facebook Avatars – optionally show or hide Facebook avatars (profile photos) in your feed

Premium Support Available with Pro

The GoldPlugins team does not provide direct support for WP Social on the WordPress.org forums. One on one email support is available to people who have purchased WP Social Pro only. WP Social Pro also includes tons of extra features and customization options, custom templates, and more.

Upgrade To WP Social Pro

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