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16 990 websitesAdvanced Responsive Video Embedder (Rumble, YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 Video …) free WordPress plugin by Nicolas Jonas

The best WordPress plugin for videos? Supports close to everything you can imagine, still keeping it easy & simple.

It is very likely the one and only plugin you will ever need to handle video embeds on your WordPress site(s). It goes far beyond just making your videos responsive!


Classic Editor

  • Adds “Embed Video” button to help you create very powerful [arve] shortcodes.
  • Takes over WordPress embeds with URLs on their own line and [embed] shortcodes.
  • Can take over WP’s default video file embeds.


  • Works with Embed, YouTube, Vimeo, Shortcode … blocks.
  • Provides it’s own powerful ARVE Block with all the features the [arve] shortcode offers, with a nice UI and detailed settings descriptions.


  • Magically makes videos responsive you already embedded with WordPress default features.
  • SEO friendly, lets you specify title, description, upload date to provide search engines with the data they like to have for better indexing. Pro can autofill this for you.
  • No ‘lock in’ if you do not use the ARVE Gutenberg Block or [arve] shortcodes.
  • Supports almost every video host that supports iframe embed codes.
  • Embeds via pasting the URL in its own line just like WordPress!
  • Optionally use very powerful Shortcodes instead.
  • Clean shortcode syntax [arve url="" parameters="start=30" ... /], no unnecessary shortcode wrapping.
  • One shortcode or Block for all video providers.
  • Responsive embeds with CSS, much better than with JavaScript.
  • Tries to be as unobtrusive as possible, sets ‘hide brand’ variables if supported, disables related videos from other channels at the end … to help keep people on your site rather then going to YouTube or keep watching videos.
  • Limited Autoplay (for providers that support it, they may mute it. Mobile browsers prevent autoplay with audio so ARVE will automatically mute HTML5 videos set to autoplay)
  • Custom URL parameters to use all options providers offer.
  • Optional maximal width.
  • Video alignment.
  • Detailed description of options in-place.
  • Automatic detected and custom aspect ratio.

Supported Providers

All providers with iframe embed codes
Alugha,,, Bitchute, Brightcove, Brighteon,, Comedy Central, Dailymotion, Dailymotion Playlist, DTube, Facebook, Gab TV, Google Drive, mp4 or webm video files, ARVE general iframe embed, IGN, IMDB, Kickstarter,,,, Metacafe, myspace, ooyala,,,, Snotr, TED Talks, TikTok, Twitch, Viddler, Vimeo, VK, Wistia, XTube, Yahoo, Youku, YouTube, YouTube Playlist


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Great plugin, great support

I’ve been using this plugin (free version and pro add-on) for a few years now. It works very well for my purposes (mainly lazyload and lightbox functionality). Recently I had a support issue with the new version which required some intervention – it was a conflict with my theme. Nico, the developer, went above and beyond to get a fix promptly sorted out for me. Thank you Nico.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best there is – I have tried many…

Have downloaded and paid for at least 4 other video players that use lightbox. Each one has major flaws. This products works perfectly. If you use the OnSite Editor, then just copy the short code and it works great.

[arve url=”” /]

For speed, the product uses the thumbnails from the server. So many of the other products do NOT do this and it slows the page rendering. This product should appear first on the WordPress search. Spent 3 days of my life wasted on other products, only to delete each one. review by jodani

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Finally something that works

So I have a responsive theme but on pages with you tube videos it wasn’t making the you tube videos fit in the mobile screen. I have spent the last hour trying many plugins and researching on google and finally I installed this. And I didn’t have to update any settings or anything just refreshed a post with videos and all the sudden it is beautiful and responsive on my mobile phone!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! review by happyecho

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Only Plug-in that worked

I used a lot of high ranking plug-ins but they still broke my design. Downloaded this and worked right away. Thanks! review by crconnell89


10% off first year with discount code wporg.

This plugin is financed by purchases of ARVE Pro. The development and support of this plugins has become a job for me, so I hope you understand that I can not make all features gratis and that you purchase it to get extra features and support the development.

  • Disable links in embeds (killer feature!)
    For example: Clicking on a title in a YouTube embed will not open a new tab. Prevent video hosts to lead your visitors away from your site!
  • Lazyload
    Make your site load faster by loading only an image instead of the entire video player on pageload.
  • Lightbox
    Shows the Video in a Lightbox after clicking a Lazyload preview image
  • Link ⇾ Lightbox
    Use simple links as triggers for opening Video Lightboxes
  • Auto pause videos when another video is played
  • Automatic or custom thumbnail images
  • Automatic or custom titles on top of your thumbnails
  • ‘Expand on click’ feature
  • 2 hover & 3 play icon styles
  • Responsive thumbnails (srcset)
  • Feel good about yourself
    for supporting my 8+ years work on this plugin. Tons of hours, weekends … always worked on improving it
  • Show the latest video of a YouTube channel by using the channel URL (updated/cached hourly)
  • Get ARVE Pro

ARVE Sticky Videos

Keep videos on the screen when scrolling.

  • Choose if videos should be pinned to the top of the screen. Like the YouTube app for example.
  • For bigger screen choose a corner where a video should be pinned to. Like for example.

Random Video Addon

Display random video from:

  • YouTube Playlist
  • Vimeo Showcase
  • Comma separated list of video URLs


When you use the AMP or ‘AMP for WP’ plugin you need this.

  • It will display videos embedded with ARVE on AMP pages correctly
  • No options, just works
  • It creates <amp-youtube>, <amp-vimeo>, <amp-dailymotion> elements
  • For all other video hosts <amp-video-iframe> element is used
  • Video files are also supported with <amp-video>


  • Of course all the customers who bought a addon.
  • Howard Iken of top donor, super nice to me even if I was rude and not deserved it!
  • Ilya Grishkov for bringing up the idea and the first code to cache thumbnail urls.
  • Everybody giving constructive feedback, testing beta versions.
  • Everybody who donated back in the days when this was donation based.

Thanks to the developers of the software used in ARVE

  • BigPicture, used in Pro Addon
  • Shortcode UI, optional plugin (no longer maintained)

Author: Nicolas Jonas

Plugin Folder: advanced-responsive-video-embedder

Tags: lazyload, thumbnail, video, vimeo, youtube

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