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23 863 websitesActiveCampaign – Forms, Site Tracking, Live Chat free WordPress plugin by ActiveCampaign

Create personalized customer experiences across channels with the ActiveCampaign plug-in for WordPress.

ActiveCampaign’s WordPress marketing automation plug-in makes it easy to:

* Embed ActiveCampaign forms directly into any post, page, or sidebar
* Use site tracking to track visitors to your website
* Enable live chat for accounts using Conversations, our site messaging platform

Add ActiveCampaign forms to your WordPress site
Collect leads and contact information with ActiveCampaign forms, then push that data directly to your ActiveCampaign CRM. You can trigger a welcome email series to follow up with contacts at their most engaged: right after they subscribe.

Track contacts’ activity on your WordPress site
Use site tracking to discover what products, services, and information they’re most interested in — then automate personalized follow-up emails in ActiveCampaign. See every step of your customer’s journey and make sure no one falls through the cracks.

Add live chat to your WordPress site
The Conversations live chat tool lets you capture leads and create contacts directly on your website — then keep the conversation going seamlessly via email. Connect your chat and email information to the contact record you have in ActiveCampaign. That keeps all the sales and support data you need in one place — and gives your customers a better experience.

Your website visitors want a human touch. Automation lets you scale that personal touch across channels to give each person the right experience and still have a business that feels like “you.” That’s customer experience automation (CXA): a new approach to building meaningful connections with your customers, no matter where they are in the customer journey.

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